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    Nice little shop that just opened. They sell organic fruits, veggies, cactus, fresh pressed juice, eggs, and more all from their farm. I got a citrus smoothie with avocado and frozen banana which made it thick and creamy. Helpful and kind people. I'll be back.

  • *****

    Support local farmers! Try their produce for yourself and see. Im glad there are some organic local sourced produce options available. The peach acai bowl is delicious, try it before peach season is over.

  • *****

    I love this place! The tomatoes look fantastic, as does their other produce. I tried the watermelon juice ($4), blood orange juice ($4), and tropical smoothie ($8). The smoothie was my favorite. They also had a basket of oranges to take for free. The employee was nice and explained how their produce comes straight from a farm that doesn't use any pesticides. He even showed me a little video on the iPad of their farm and the chickens roaming around, very cool. Highly recommend.

  • *****

    So happy to see this new addition to the neighborhood! It's exactly what we needed, fresh produce, smoothies and Acai bowls!
    I tried the classic Acai bowl today and it was spot on!

  • *****

    I noticed this cute little shop while standing in line across the street at Sqirl. There was a big sign advertising a seasonal Acai Bowl special. A couple days later I stopped by to check it out. I needed up getting the seasonal Peachy Acai Bowl, Banana Strawberry smoothie, & Nopales juice blend. It was all amazing and all ingredients were sourced & picked fresh from a local farm. My girlfriend bought a bunch of delicious produce from them as well as some guacamole that they package in the shop. I highly recommend checking this place out!

  • *****

    Love this little place! Their fresh lemonades are amazing and the produce selection always looks awesome. Guys that work there are great!

  • *****

    What a great little shop. Stocked with freshly grown seasonal fruits and veggies, farm fresh eggs and they make various Acai Bowls and smoothies. These are the same folks who also set up at the Silverlake Farmer's Market. This is all really excellent produce. A few tables in the shade next to the building. Ill be back, you should be too.

  • *****

    I accidentally stumbled upon this place looking for the vegan gelato shop that used to be here. It didn't have vegan gelato but I was very happy with what I found instead. They have a nice variety of locally sourced produce along with smoothies and acai bowls. I believe the only non-vegan ingredient used in the smoothies and bowls is local honey which you could always order without. I got the seasonal peachy acai bowl and it was yummy. The fruit was very fresh and delicious. The employees were super nice as well.

  • *****

    Such a cute and straightforward spot! Fresh, local produce, delicious (and creative...nopales!!!) smoothies, friendly and knowledgeable staff and ownership!?! What more could we ask for!? Can't wait to go back and watch this little gem blossom. Thanks Rick!

  • *****

    What sweet heaven!?!? While looking for farmers markets in LA, I discovered this gem-- which is essentially a farmers market, in one place, every day of the week!! So I visited this morning, and what beauty was bursting forth therein...!!! There was a bounty of a diverse selection of produce, fresh eggs, watermelon juice, moringa seeds and also, Alex made us the most luscious smoothies. Parking was easy as pie, in the back. Am hoping the neighborhood soon discovers what a wonderful spot this is and supports them in kind. I know we will. Thank you Rick and Team for bringing something so inventive and wonderful to our city This spot is a demonstration that you don't need a ton of space to make magic.

  • *****

    The juices are amazing. The produce organic. There are smoothies. They have parking. Outside seating. No waiting & good service. & soon to come sandwiches. What more could one ask for?

  • *****

    Dropped by to get a smoothie. Got the Peach something (Fresh peaches, Fresh squeezed OJ, Coconut milk). It was really good and refreshing. Looks like the MO of this place is locally farmed fruits and veges - a mini farmers market. Would come back again.

  • *****

    Wow! Everything in this little shop is AMAZING. Picked up the yummiest, freshest guavas fresh off the tree yesterday. Incredible limes, + the prettiest pomegranates I can't wait to punch into. The smoothies list looks dreamy, too; planning on trying that next time! Which can't be soon enough! Rick had a whole basket overflowing with KEY LIMES + strawberries, + curly leaved kale + everything looks + smells delicious. The juiciest, rich ruby red grapefruits. Can't wait to make this a staple of my kitchen!

    Rick was also incredibly kind + friendly, told me all about his + his friend's farms -- where all the produce comes from daily. They also make acai bowls, which looked amazing in addition to their lovely smoothies list.

    They're hip to square, so cash/card/Apple Pay, no problem! (:

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